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Connect to nature and create a lush, vibrant outdoor space in Dubai, 
that reflects your love for the environment.

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Lawn care and maintenence project uae

We are Landscape Gardening and Maintenance Company UAE

Choose The Best Landscapers in Dubai.

The idea of having someone with expertise, finding it convenient, and having a garden that’s looked after really well, then choosing to hire professional landscapers in Dubai is a smart choice.

Our company is officially based in UAE. we have vast experience in landscaping, gardening, and maintenance, we served 15+ years in business in UAE feel free to hire us in dubai uae.

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Services in Dubai UAE


Garden Maintenance Dubai

Landscape Design and Renovation, Lawn Care, Hedge Trimming, Hardscape Maintenance, Softscape Maintenance, Fertilization and More!


Irrigation Systems Dubai

Sprinkler Irrigation, Drip Irrigation, Manual Irrigation , Solar-Powered Irrigation Spray Irrigation , Surface Irrigation and More!


Pergolas Dubai UAE

Wooden Pergolas, Aluminum Pergolas, Fabric Pergolas, Garden Pergolas Modern Pergolas, and More!


Gazebo Dubai UAE

Outdoor Gazebo, Garden Gazebo, Wooden Gazebo, Backyard Gazebo,
and More!


Brick BBQ Dubai UAE

Let's add a reliable, and visually appealing platform for cooking and socializing in your outdoor space, and More!


Swimming Pool Dubai

Seasonal Maintenance Contracts, Pool Upgrades and Enhancements, Emergency Services, Repairs and Renovations and More!


Tile Fixing Dubai UAE

Tile Installation, Specialized Tile Installations, Commercial and Industrial Tile Work, Waterproofing and Tile Backer Installation, Grouting and Sealing, and More!


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client's reviews in Dubai



Ehsan Landscape paid a lot of attention to small things that make a big difference. They completely change my outdoor area, and I'm really happy with how it turned out! Right from the beginning to the end, they were very professional and creative. I'm damn sure you will get professional on-time delivery by hiring Ehsan Landscape, in short, these guys are just amazing in Dubai.



I'm really happy to tell you about my great time with Ehsan Landscape. As soon as I started using their help, my pool got much better and I felt really pleased! 

James (Jimmy)-feed-back-ehsan-landscape-dubai

James (Jimmy)

Talking with the team was really smooth. They told me how the project was going, and if I had any questions or worries, they answered them quickly. This made everything easy and fun, I am rating Ehsan Landscape 10 out of 10.



I'm excited to share my fantastic experience with Ehsan Landscape. Choosing the bbq installation service has added a new level of enjoyment to my outdoor cooking and entertainment.

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